Niagara Fill Valve (Plugged Fill Valve / No Refill Hose) - Part Number #C7715-7 / #400A9B

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The Niagara Stealth Fill Valve is designed as a high-efficiency, replacement fill valve specifically for Niagara Stealth toilets, including tank models N7714 and N7714TFH. This valve is recognized for its efficiency and reliability in maintaining the proper water level in the toilet tank, ensuring optimal flushing performance.

Key Features:

    • Compatibility: This is an OEM replacement part compatible with Niagara Stealth tank models N7714 and N7714TFH. It can also be used in other select toilets, such as the Toto Drake and specific models from Glacier Bay and Sterling.
      Niagara part number: C7715-7
      Fluidmaster part number: 400A9B
    • Design: The fill valve features a plastic silencer to reduce noise, ensuring a quiet operation. The silencer is made of materials that won't swell, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the valve.
    • Functionality: Effectively controlling the water flow to maintain the desired water level and prevent overflows.
    • Installation: As a direct replacement part, it is designed for easy installation in compatible toilet models without requiring extensive modifications or adjustments.